Oh Chef!

Hi everyone. I was searching on the net the other day for substitutions for foods, and I came upon a site that I think you should know about. It’s called O Chef! The site has all kinds of recipes, techniques, and, the crowning glory is that you, the public, can ask the chef a question. They have a large archive of questions that have already been answered, and so much more. This site covers all types of food from novice to professional levels.

Pros: A thorough library of tips, techniques, recipes, and generally a lot of information. The language used is in day to day talk so you and I can understand. When you are looking at a recipe, the site provides other suggestions which can help you build your menu. It’s free to sign up and access the community.

Cons: Some links from one recipe to a related recipe are broken, making it disappointing.

Over all, i would rate this site as 4 out of 5 stars. I look forward to using it as a resource in the future. You never know, one of their recipes may be featured in this blog.

I give this item 4 Stars!

It’s the week before Christmas next week and I am going to try to get two posts together so that I can take Christmas week off. Look for the Christmas Edition of the Food Tunnel by Friday!

This clip art was found at clker.com


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Hi. I'm Michelle, and I live in Edmonton Alberta with my husband. I have been writing as far back as I can remember. I write primarily fantasy and poetry, but I do dabble in other genres. I am a legally blind artist and author, creator of several blogs. I am also married. I like to draw, paint, garden, and do crafts, all when I have the time and energy. I belong to the Salvation Army Edmonton Crossroads Community Church in Edmonton.
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