Awwww, turkey again?

Yep. Turkey again. You’re probably going to really hate turkey after you see my postings, but i assure you, we’re not roasting the bird again. It’s amazing what you can do with turkey if you have seasoned the bird right in the first place. Remember when I told you I flavored the bird with parsley, tarragon, oregano, sage, pepper and thyme? Well, you’re not going to believe what happened when I tell you about this stoup. The flavor was incredible! The reason I call it a stoup is it’s halfway between a stew and a soup – it’s extremely hearty, so that makes it very fulfilling.


2 litres vegetable broth (your choice. I use what’s on sale).
4-5 potatoes quartered and cut
2 turkey wings (the full wing and some breast meat)
1/2 green pepper cut in half and sliced
2 packages Italian blend vegetables (Western Family)
1 Onion cut in half and sliced
5 cloves garlic sliced
Olive Oil for onions

Onions in dutch oven

slightly caramelized onions

1. Slightly caramelize onions in olive oil on medium heat. Add Garlic.
2. Pour in 1litre vegetable broth
3. Place in wings – don’t do what I did and put in the potatoes first. 😦 They were softer than I like.
Turkey wings in broth with potatoes

The makings of turkey stoup

4. Cover and let boil. When meat is heated thoroughly and wants to come off the bones, take it out, and cut it into
big pieces. Discard bones.
cover and simmer turkey in broth

turkey stoup in the making

5. Put in remaining broth, bring to a boil.
6. Add turkey, potatoes, vegetables, and green paper. heat, and serve.

Makes 4-6 (4 for us because we love our soup)

Turkey stoup - finished!

Yummy turkey stoup in the bowl

ps. If when you have finished the soup, and you have extra broth as we do, add veggies and noodles. It makes a great leftover leftover soup. Hope you enjoy the Food Tunnel!
turkey noodle soup

turkey noodle soup made with udon noodles and veggies

Oh, by the way, is there something you would like to learn about? A recipe? This is your blog too. Please feel free to contribute.


About Michelle Earl

Hi. I'm Michelle, and I live in Edmonton Alberta with my husband. I have been writing as far back as I can remember. I write primarily fantasy and poetry, but I do dabble in other genres. I am a legally blind artist and author, creator of several blogs. I am also married. I like to draw, paint, garden, and do crafts, all when I have the time and energy. I belong to the Salvation Army Edmonton Crossroads Community Church in Edmonton.
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